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Welcome to
Seema Sulz (P) Limited

Seema Sulz Private Limited was established by Mr. Santosh Bubna in the year 2001, with a proven track record in the industry of offering quality products. We are the manufacturer and exporter of textile fabric. Having, professional techniques and experiences to satisfy our customers with invention, design and development. Research and development of our first-class facilities broke the choke point on every of our product. We can satisfy customers with invention, design, and development.

We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporters of all kinds of textile fabric. Our speciality is in Cotton suiting, polyester suiting & blended suiting fabric .

We deal in Cotton suiting, polyester suiting &
blended suiting Fabrics.

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Seema Sulz's
Vision & Mission

  • Adaptive, competitive innovative work force with new technologies.
  • Products with best quality ay best prices.
  • Changing world with new style fabrics.
  • Our focus is to provide best quality.
  • Our motto is to provide each customer with more satisfaction.
  • Our concern is to conserve the Environment with all possible activities & minimum wastage.