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Supreme quality is the principle objective of our company. Our fully computerized Testing laboratories and R&D facilities equipped with BIT Looms & Sample Dyeing Machine have raised the bar of the company in providing high quality products. To maintain the desired standard of quality in the Fabric, we send each product for rigorous testing. Seema Sulz has a full-fledged testing laboratory, to test the fabrics strength, shrinkage, color fastness and other similar things. It also has a quality control department where quality of raw materials as well as finished goods is tested.

Seema Sulz used some quality control equipment listed below:-

  • PH Meter
  • Wash Fastness Tester
  • Perspiration Fastness Tester
  • Rubbing Fastness Tester
  • Computer Color Matching
  • Electronic Balance
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Grey Scales
  • Crease Recovery Tester
  • Wrinkle Recovery Tester

We follow very high standards of quality controls. Quality Control starts from yarn testing. We only consume yarn, which conforms, to our parameters. The parameters for yarn testing are as per industry norms.

Yarn Testing Parameters

Yarn conforming to parameters is taken for weaving. During weaving every piece of 90 Meters length is again fully checked as soon as it is doffed by quality inspectors. All the patterns of design, weight of fabric, selvedge are checked. The fabric is sent to process house for finishing and dyeing. Here tests are done on the fabric before it is finally dispatched to inspection and grading department. After passing through intensive testing and Quality Control our inspection and grading department work on it and grade it according to 4 point system.

Fabric Testing Parameters

Then fabric is packed in air tight packing to avoid any type of atmospheric change to the fabric during storage and shipment. Maximum length of fabric we can provide in a piece is 25 yards. The fabric after testing for colour fastness, pilling, dimensional stability and residual shrinkage is then graded. Fresh fabric is then packed as per customer requirement.